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Bring Ministry To Your Team

Do you have a desire to be a change agent on your team and positively influence the culture in your community?  We want to help you!  Find out how you can bring FCA Wrestling ministry to your team below.

What: A Team Huddle is a targeted study within a unique individual team setting/environment that encourages and challenges team members to live and compete according to biblical principles.  The Team Huddle can be organized to include one or both of the following elements:

  • Weekly Team Devotion - organized to occur around practice times or whatever works best for the team schedule
  • Team Chapel - A gathering designed for athletes and coaches to experience a time of spiritual devotion and fellowship

Where:  The best answer to this question is "Wherever works best for your team."  Team Huddles can meet in a variety of locations.  Many meet at their practice facility for a brief time before or after practice.  

When:  Typically, before or after practice.  Or whenever works best for your team.

Who:  All athletes are welcome to attend this optional meeting.  Here's who can lead:

  • Campus Huddles: Athletes, character coaches (can give principle-based talks)
  • Community Huddles: Coaches, athletes, parents/adult volunteers

Ready to Get Started?

  1. Complete a Ministry Leader Application.  All adults, coaches, or sponsors who lead or provide support need to complete a Ministry Leader Application (MLA) online.
  2. Complete the Ministry Certification Request Form.  Complete the request for local staff to certify your team ministry.
  3. Contact FCA Staff.  Contact Mike Hojnacki to let them know you'd like to get started and set up a time for training.